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In moments we belong

These images are Justina’s first self-portraits from home using a film camera she bought while being there. They explore topics of growth, changes, uncertainty, sense of familiarity and nostalgia. She took these images in one of the rooms in her family home, where everything stayed the same, like she never left, but somehow so very different : “You know this place by heart, but you don’t know if you belong there any more”.
Justina left her family home 5 years ago and moved to London. In November 2020 she decided to quarantine back home in Lithuania where she ended up staying for almost half a year. Longest she has been home since she left. Being home was incredibly hard the first few months, realisations of how much things changed, certain thoughts about not being there through loss, happiness, good and bad. The fear of missing out on precious moments with one's family. This experience of spending time with family and living in the house she grew up in gave
her a new outlook on the meaning of family and the importance of it.

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