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Not so litlle anymore

This project is a continuation of images from home, but are focused solely on the photographer’s sister. The changes, growth and the relationship between them and how that inspired Justina in photography. It’s a little poem about two sisters who grew together and
helped each other learn about the world of photography and modeling. Throughout the years, since 2012, they have learned to understand each other without words when creating art together. It is incredible to have someone to place in front of a camera and be so free with during the process. Someone who knows you and you know well: “ I cherish that incredibly, and whenever I have a chance to take pictures of her it is always brilliantly easy”.

R1-03664-017A 1.jpg
R1-03664-019A 1.jpg
R1-03664-016A 1.jpg
R1-03664-020A 1.jpg
Not so little anymore
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